Sandra Tanner
Interactive Media Designer

Driven by my passion !


Sandra [f.n.] Passionate about art, music and Rāmen.

Having Always had a sensitivity for visual communication, I have evolved by constantly seeking to precise my objectives in this field.

After 4 enriching years of study at La Télé Vaud-Fribourg TV SA, I particularly developed skills for motion design, web design and a slight addiction to table football.

Today, being a visual communication professional specializing in interactive media, I put my creativity driven by my passion. From the creation of graphic identity to its application on any interactive or printed medium and much more.

Curious by nature, I am constantly looking for new inspirations from all horizons. I'm eager to collaborating with you and discovering your universe !

Driven by my passion !


Photography is a universal language, as it is often said "a picture is worth a thousand words". Arousing emotion, it's a way of communication that has great strength.


Motion design consists of giving movement to graphics such as photos or illustrations, in order to convey a message with dynamism.


Design a website is a system that combines art, technical and society. You have to think both to the visual and the user experience to being consistent.



A project in mind ?
I'm open to your ideas !